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The Future of Manufacturing. Industry is on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution, as digitalization now follows after the automation of

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TIA-485-A, also known as ANSI/TIA/EIA-485, TIA/EIA-485, EIA-485 or RS-485, is a standard defining the electrical characteristics of drivers and receivers

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Aug 7th, 2015; 32; Yahoo to Acquire Polyvore. By Simon Khalaf, SVP Product & Engineering, Publisher Products. Polyvore has perhaps the most amazingly

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An application layer is an abstraction layer that specifies the shared protocols and interface methods used by hosts in a communications network. The
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fastwel i/o: сбор данных и управление по modbus tcp / Автоматизация на транспорте: надёжность
Totally Integrated Automation is the concept by means of which SIMATIC controls machines, manufacturing systems and technical processes. Taking the example